Private Sessions with Katherine

The synergy between guide and client is essential for any alchemy to happen. Please be in touch if you are interested in pursuing work together. We can connect initially to 'talk story' (as they say here in Hawaii), so that you can see and feel if our connection will be conducive to your growth.

Private Trinity Series:

I am currently offering a trinity (series of 3) of private sessions where we use aspects of your astrological chart to more deeply map your soul's current learnings. The session may introduce breathwork or trauma work to more deeply address causal layer disharmonies that is arising in the present. I will offer you a practice for the time in-between our calls to deepen the healing work that we do in session. Sessions run an hour and we schedule them as neede to allow time to integrate, deepen with the homework, and keep the continuity of healing moving forward. This is a good way to get a solid boost on your personal path in a way that is specifically tailored to your needs and level of embodiment. Cost for series is $500.

Private Monthly Mentorship:

Ongoing, personally designed mentorship to bring you deeper into your intuitive wisdom, personal power, and innate presence of love. We will custom design a longterm curriculumtools and technologies specific for your embodiment needs. The purpose of this work is to actualize your essential work in the world through the deeper alignment with your true blue print. Healing and whole-ing is an effect of the process. Cost is $900 a month with weekly calls and texting/emails as needed.

All Conscious Birthing work is happening through private monthly mentorship and private retreats.