Surrender is a deeply defining quality of mother, a meeting point of human and Divine. Surrender happens from the moment of conception, when we surrender our bodies, our hearts, our souls, our egg to the penetration of our partner and his seed.

It is present as we soften our blooming bodies into pregnancy. It is asked of us in the throes of birth as we open and meet the intensity of rushes with our presence, allowing our yonis to melt and expand. It is invited as we surrender our human limitations to our new and unknown capacities.

It is our willingness to surrender that opens us to birth that which is greater than us. It is our commitment to surrender that brings us into our next paradigm of possibility, releasing the confines of what we've known, and being open to the next impulse asking to be born through us.

Surrender is a process, a continual experience, which happens every day. It is never done or completed; it never stops, one is always surrendering. Surrender softens what is rigid within. It gentles us, bringing us more internal. Surrender leads to a vulnerability that cleanses the heart and releases fear.

This involves deep trust in that whatever is needed, will come. This is a way we can mother and truly stay present amidst such demands on all levels. This is a way we may receive the resources, support and direction we need to parent our children whilst nurturing ourselves. This is a way we can stay truly connected to the flow of giving and sustaining life.

From the moment our child emerges through our yoni into the world we begin the process of letting go. Nothing will ever physically touch us as deeply as our gestating children in our wombs. And when we let go of this profound history into the moment that is happening with our child now, we allow space for love to rush in.

Copyright 2017 Katherine Zorensky

Katherine thrives on cultivating a deeper engagement with life through the exploration of the emotional and sexual map of the soul. She is an internationally recognized womb shaman, soul guide, and birth doula for nearly a decade. Her penetrating clarity and gentle loving presence invites you to relax deeply into the core of your being. It is here you encounter your own direct knowing, inspiration, and true contentment to live the life that expresses the truth and fullness of your soul.