Sexual Healing

Sexual Healing

Sexual healing is the deep journey of bringing all aspects of our sexuality: emotional, physical, and spiritual back into love. Our yoni, ovaries, anus, breasts and womb are more than physical landmarks and experiences of sensation in our bodies. They are portals to our soul and hold innate keys to accessing deeper aspects of feminine consciousness.

In order to open this sacred pathway to our innermost truth, we must deeply presence all the pain and illusions held here on both a personal and collective level. Sexual healing is an entry point to embodiment and awakening on the Feminine Pathway.

Sexual energy and sexual healing applies to all of us, regardless of how sexual or non-sexual we have been in our lives. Regardless if there are overt patterns of abuse, non use or misuse, we all hold deep subconscious emotions in the organs of our sexuality that connect deeply into our souls. Feeling and releasing these brings us into an innate harmony and openness with life.

Every man we have ever shared saliva with through an intimate kiss is imprinted within our energetic field. Every man who has penetrated us with his lingam, is etched in the memory of our yoni and womb. The journey of sexual healing is a journey of renewal into purity, sovereignty and love, along the way releasing all imprinting and energetic ties, that are in themselves just effects of a deeper cause lying within you, waiting to be discovered.

If we authentically embark on the sexual aspect of our healing, we must do the radically honest work of bringing our heart back into alignment with universal laws of Love. When we own all our creations and actions not born of love, we enter a deep process of self-forgiveness. This embracing brings us back into alignment with love. From here we access a deeper well of self love and therefore a more unconditional love of others.

This means journeying into and reclaiming all the fearful, shamed, judged, abandoned, forgotten and disowned parts of our self and all our experiences. Feeling all our emotions, our longings, our desires, our sexual impulses, and where they lead us. In this journey we learn true humility, authentic vulnerability, deep magnetic receptivity, the power of surrender, and true bliss.

We have to descend from the centre point of our lives being our heads, and come back into our feminine centre in our womb. We have to let go of the control of our minds, and choose that this no longer be our centre of gravity. We choose our womb and heart as our centre of gravity, we choose that our mind becomes the servant of our soul, not its master.

Our magnetic feminine self attracts and pulls people, relationships, environments, careers, children, in fact everything towards us, and then into us, deep inside us. Our magnetic feminine self draws to us whatever lies within us, whether we are conscious of it or not. Because we are often not conscious of what our true self and wounded self is, and because we don’t know our feminine side enough to be aware of our hidden emotions, we often attract things we don’t ‘like’ or want, that hurt us or harm us. Or so we may believe. 

Our wounded self operates through this magnetic need within us – we attract and pull these events, relationships and people towards us as a reflection, as a call from our feminine side, to hear her voice and wisdom. Why? To heal, to become aware of our true self, to return back to love. 

Once we have returned to a reference point of Love, we are ready to more deeply move into our true sexuality…a place so often entered without love. The gateway to our sexuality, and in some ways our feminine soul, is the yoni lips. It is here that we deeply take in and give our energy. It is here that we feel our deep connection to the web of life, and the stream of life force that flows through all living beings and our earthly home.

All the ways we have not felt welcomed, not felt we could trust or fully rest in support, are registered here. When we heal these aspects of separation, we relax into our natural resting place on earth-we feel supported and loved and are able to open authentically into the deeper aspects of our being, into the deeper folds of our yoni and our womb.

From the yoni lips we journey through the clitoris, the G-spot, to the threshold of the womb, or cervix, and the cervical brain. Each of these landmarks invite an opportunity to witness, feel, embrace aspects of ourselves that have been wounded or fragmented, leaving deep magnetic imprints in our soul. As these doorways or ‘gates’ are illuminated, our deeper magnetic currents of sensuality, purity, love, fertility, and harmony begin to flow. 

When these initial aspects of the human experience held in the yoni are healed, we can move into the vaster layers of the womb. So much of our wounding in our sexuality lies in the polarities of victim and perpetrator, trust and betrayal. The healed womb holds the keys for the deepest feminine empowerment, sovereignty, wisdom, and love. These qualities completely transcend the experience of duality and imbalance of power.

 As the womb heals and opens, she becomes more of a central reference point for a woman. She guides us into our wisest decisions on behalf of our soul. She anchors us in a deep connection to Gaia and the Divine, she enables us the opportunity to heal and transmute. Being in the presence of a woman who has deeply embodied her womb is healing and nurturing. This happens innately, without her having to do anything.

The journey of sexual healing is one that reclaims the most dark and disembodied aspects of ourselves and brings them into the light of love. Sexual energy, or that of holy desire, is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. When it is directed into healing, into Love, it becomes refined and pure and one of the most direct pathways to our fullest awakening.

Katherine Zorensky Copyright 2017


Katherine thrives on cultivating a deeper engagement with life through the exploration of the emotional and sexual map of the soul. She is an internationally recognized womb shaman, soul guide, and birth doula for nearly a decade. Her penetrating clarity and gentle loving presence invites you to relax deeply into the core of your being. It is here you encounter your own direct knowing, inspiration, and true contentment to live the life that expresses the truth and fullness of your soul.