Orgasmic Birth: A deeper initiation into our feminine soul

Orgasmic Birth: A deeper initiation into our feminine soul

How did one of the most sacred, blissful, and intimate initiations into the feminine soul become a scheduled, institutionalised, and traumatic surgery?

Somewhere along the way, Woman allowed herself to be stripped of the sacredness of yoni and womb, and labeled a vagina and uterus.

She gave up her intuitive wisdom and shamanic power to the forecast of machines and the opinions of minds in white lab coats.

She gave in to her fear of the unknown, and let her mind be satiated by a due date, pain killers, and a ‘safe’ environment.

And in this, she surrendered some of her deepest soul embodiment that thrives in the flow of the unknown, in the meeting of intensity with breath and presence, and in the unfolding wisdom that emerges in each moment of ‘not knowing.’

She contracted and became small, subdued, and scared, when?Birth's design is creative, cosmic, and connected.

Our yoni and our womb are physical portals that are designed to bring us pleasure, bliss, and joy. Birth, through these open and healed portals becomes an awakening experience, aligning us more deeply with our pure souls, with Gaia, and with God.

The intensity of birth draws us directly into the present moment, as we meet it with our breath, our presence, our heart and our soul. It takes incredible strength and deep surrender to meet birth in the moment.

Strength and surrender are aspects of love: to ‘be with’ and ‘let go’ simultaneously. The intensity of birth gives us perhaps one of the clearest opportunities in our lives, to choose love over fear.

When we call upon our strength and courage to be with and feel the intensity of sensation and emotion in birth, we arrive at a palpable and potent presence.

When we allow ourselves to surrender deeply to the torrent of energy moving through us in birth, we soften and expand the tissues of our yoni, and the limitations in our mind of what is possible. It is here we can be overtaken by the rhythmic waves of bliss, pleasure, and spiraling sensuality, and yes, power.

When pain or complication arises in birth, it is always due to an unhealed emotion held in the tissues of the yoni and womb, or held in the field of those present at the birth. When both partners have done the work to heal their own birth experiences, their sexuality, and their deepest causal wounds, this does not occur, and if it does, it is often quickly released in the moment to allow birth to continue.

Birth is an opportunity for Woman, regardless of past experiences to choose love over fear. When she heals her beliefs, her traumas, and her emotions held in yoni and womb she becomes the vessel for love and bliss to flow through.

Orgasmic birth is her design. Orgasmic birth is her birth rite. Orgasmic birth is an initiation into the essence of her feminine soul.

Katherine Zorensky Copyright 2017

Katherine thrives on cultivating a deeper engagement with life through the exploration of the emotional and sexual map of the soul. She is an internationally recognized womb shaman, soul guide, and birth doula for nearly a decade. Her penetrating clarity and gentle loving presence invites you to relax deeply into the core of your being. It is here you encounter your own direct knowing, inspiration, and true contentment to live the life that expresses the truth and fullness of your soul.