Embodying Mother - Embodying Lover

Embodying Mother - Embodying Lover
Embodying Mother - Embodying Lover

These two emanations of the feminine soul weave the foundational fabric for our embodiment. When the soul and physical body connect, we are embodying.

Embrace is at the heart of these two expressions. It is the way we carry a fetus in our wombs, wrap our babes in arms, hold trust in our children's innate capacity to navigate their way through this world.

Embrace is the curl of our arms around our lover's neck. It is receiving him in the folds of our innermost sanctum, carrying him in our heart as we move through our day, and holding him in spaciousness so he can know his freedom to be a man.

Embrace is not personal and yet deeply personal. In embrace, we meet, we see, we allow simply to be what it is, without needing it to change.

As we do this with our outer world, we do it with our inner world. As we embrace our children in their most unloveable moments, we embrace the unloveable parts of ourselves. The Mother embraces and accepts unconditionally.

As we embrace our selves in our own needs and desires, we release the pressure from our partners to fulfill that which is not theirs to fulfill. We become sovereign and able to love even deeper, receive another even more intimately into our experience beyond the veils of our projections.

The way we navigate mother/lover is both deeply personal and transpersonal. Our depth in one impacts the power in the other.

In the deepest embrace, we bring the planet, and the suffering of all beings into our heart.

Copyright 2018 Katherine Zorensky

Katherine thrives on cultivating a deeper engagement with life through the exploration of the emotional and sexual map of the soul. She is an internationally recognized womb shaman, soul guide, and birth doula for nearly a decade. Her penetrating clarity and gentle loving presence invites you to relax deeply into the core of your being. It is here you encounter your own direct knowing, inspiration, and true contentment to live the life that expresses the truth and fullness of your soul.