Soul School

With schools closing and curriculum coming more into the hands of parents I have had many reach out asking me to design a curriculum for their daughters. Wouldn't you have loved to have been given the keys to using your emotions to access your power and presence instead of being limited by them? Wouldn't you have loved support with learning how to express relative to your innate learning/processing style, and be supported in healthy self care?

My one on one teen mentorship program was designed for daughters aged 11-18 who are transitioning into the next phase of young womanhood. The curriculum is individually designed to meet her where she is, and empower her with access to her soul via her emotions, her blooming sexuality through sacred recognition, and an understanding of her push for healthy individuation.

This journey is virtual and coincides with the normal school year. We meet weekly on Zoom with weekly assignments. I also meet once a month with parents to discuss relevant topics and create an inclusive environment for the evolution of their daughter.

If you are interested in pricing and more detailed information relative to your daughter, please contact me. I am a mother, a wilderness therapy guide for teens, and a teacher of the sacred mysteries of the feminine. All of these are relevant to what I convey and open for your daughters own exploration of knowing herself in deeper ways.