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Elemental Truth Weekly Men's Gathering

Elemental Truth Weekly Men's Gathering

As we move into the Aquarian age we are invited into a deeper sovereignty and authority in our spiritual attainment. The quest is no longer about finding something ‘out there’ but unearthing what is ‘in here,’ through our own very direct and authentic experience.

Embodiment happens when we choose to more intimately navigate our human experience through investigating and illuminating our deepest desires and subconscious motivations. There is a deep hunger now for nourishment, not just for organic food, but living organically. This is to re-establish our true appreciation for the elements of nature that we are. By re-establishing our direct connection with the elements, we directly engage the energies of life itself that assist us in harmonizing our selves and our environment simultaneously. This brings true meaning to our lives and all of our relationships because the transformative work is done based on our original organic nature. 

Join me for a weekly exploration into to your elemental nature. and your deeper subconscious motivations.  We will delve into the conversations of what it means to be a man in this most transformative time, and how that is expressed through your individual lives. This circle is tremendous support for men all over the world to more deeply be reminded of their true access to Source, be inspired by others, and return to the simplicity of how that can be translated into their daily living.

Calls are Thursday mornings 9am HST. Cost is $108 per month (USD).