3 Month Online Journey
September 9, 2020-, November 2nd,2020

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Birthing Venus: Unlocking Your Inner Technology of Love

Birthing Venus: Unlocking Your Inner Technology of Love
Birthing Venus: Unlocking Your Inner Technology of Love
"What the world needs now is love sweet love!" 
-Burt Bacharach





Venus represents our desire, what we love, how we love, our capacity to magnetize that which we love and desire. She is the symbol for all that we hold meaningful and true through harmony and beauty. We each have a unique relationship to her frequency based on where in the sky she was present at the time of our birth. And we each have innate in our female anatomy the wisdom of Venus, or the "Technology of Love."


The planet Venus travels around the sun creating the geometry a pentagram. Her orbit is mathematically depicted as a number known as the 'phi ratio' or the golden spiral that is the sacred spiral that is the mathematical formula for the bridge between formless and form, or heavenly and earthly. It holds the intelligence of how the unmanifest becomes manifest, and how the manifest dissolves into the unmanifest. 


How do we live 'heaven on earth?' We understand that our bodies hold the wisdom of this bridge, through their Venusian 'wiring.' We enter the layers of mistruths and separation we have been holding in our bodies, with courage and compassion. And we surrender into the deeper innate connection, bliss, beauty, and power that is innately ours through our feminine circuitry.


The cosmic frequency of Venus anchors in the female anatomy through the pentagram portals of our sacred sexual anatomy and carried by our shakti or life force. The more we refine our sexual energy by releasing the trauma, sexual wounds, and denser energies of lust and manipulation, the more we rest in a pure and free flowing shakti that unifies cosmic consciousness with our human expression. As we presence, open, and activate these doorways into our most tender human anatomy, we touch our divine nature. This is the profound process of embodiment.


This course is for daughters, mothers, lovers, grandmothers, professionals, stay at home moms, all women, all shapes and sizes and levels of embodiment. It is for those who wish to further unlock their connection to Source, Soul, and Sensuality. It is for those that are brave enough to feel, and bold enough to love in a world that feeds our fears and encourages our smallness. 


Join me on a 3 month journey to "B-Earth Venus" through your own body's 'technology of love.'  This exploration will 'demystify' these mystery school teachings in a way that makes the mundane magical and the reality of life relaxing. This journey is not about transcendence. This path is about embrace of all that already is, and in this we are the alchemy that dissolves the tension of our dissonace and separation. It is the relational alchemy that brings us into union with ourselves, with other, with Source, with our earthly home. This innate pathway to awakening has been shared for centuries by various sacred lineages as a means to awakening. It is returning now to be remembered at this most crucial time in human history. As we more deeply embody our feminine essence in connection to our elemental alchemy, we begin to harmonize not only our own lives, we also begin to impact the planetary and collective fields.


This course is a combination of weekly zoom calls, daily personal practice, and a private online forum for sharing and reflection. Expect to learn how to utilize the power of emotional alchemy. Unlock the power of your sexuality in union with your heart, and access more of your true desires to put them into action. Your relationships will become more intimate and loving, your life will become more meaninful, and your body will beocme more finely tuned as a source of pleasure, wisdom, and power.


Course cost is $324 per month ($972 total). Deposit covers first month plus admin fees. For questions and more information please contact Katherine directly.