Ongoing Leadership Forum
October 6, 2020

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Womb Centered Leadership

Womb Centered Leadership

This is an ongoing conversation with high profile teachers, facilitators, and leaders that wish to be supported in effective leadership in challenging times. The emphasis is through the lens of embodied love, wisdom, and power. It will be deeply interactive and relevant to the collective themes encountered at this time. There will be an optional practice component that will center you in a deeper ground of stability and clarity.  Weekly zoom calls will enable discussion and inspiration and an online forum for you to be witnessed in your journey as often as you feel to check in. This is all about your personal process in metabolizing both your own path and the collective  challenges and how it relates to your interfacing in an authentic way with your community. It will anchor you deeply in your connection to Source and Truth so that your expression in the world is backed with a deeper transmission of this power and alignment.

This is for women in high profile leadership positions who want to 'up their game,' in terms of influence and power from a place that is inclusive and evolutionary. Now more than ever women are stepping into leadership roles, and it is not for us to lead from our masculine strength, but our unified wisdom, love, and power.

Calls are every Tuesday. Gatherings begin October 6th, 2020.

Cost is $324 a month, for as many months as you choose to participate. If you are interested and want to join your first call for free to try it out, be in touch with me directly.