What is a Womb Shaman?

I undress your masks and misunderstandings to reveal the naked beauty of who you are. I invite you into deeper intimacy with the causal level of your conditioning to uncover the clarity of your consciousness. 
I reveal the map of your soul as held in the wisdom of your body. Traveling it is the scariest, most rewarding adventure of your life. Yet, with guidance, it is the one trip that will refine your trajectory of living into a Power of Purpose. It will unearth your innate Technology of Love and Architecture of Truth, as held in your body's wisdom.
I love nothing more than guiding a soul ascent, through the 'inner excavation' to the 'outer manifestation.' I love every step of the journey, no matter how dark, how steep, how lost, or how long it takes. There is always a way through the 'transformation of truth' to more love, more presence, more clarity, more passion, more abundance, more connection, more magik, more bliss.
A Womb Shaman has embodied the feminine art of transparency. When we are transparent, we are entirely available to the present moment and all that is arising with out over identifying with it, or pushing it away. Here we release the 'charge' to the emotions and patterns as they are held in the deeper subconscious aspects of our being. In transparency we understand our outer world is a reflection of our inner state. When we have the courage to surrender to the inner alchemy of feeling and presencing all that we are experienceing, we shift the reality of what we draw to us in the outer world.

I began meditating with my father at age 4. It gave me an anchor to navigate a world that made so little sense to me and felt very meaningless. This propelled me into an earnest seeking to penetrate beyond a veil of surface 'busy-ness' and find equilibrium in a deeper awareness. I started martial arts training at age 6, and immersed myself deeply in Buddhist studies by age 11. This mindfulness training cultivated a deep inner poise and clarity of mind necessary for my intuitive and sensitive being to feel safe in the world. However, I knew there was something missing, a deeper engagement with life, and this led me into a further exploration of nature, body, and soul. 

My maternal grandmother opened the magic of the natural world to me through nature walks and later summer trips to Alaska to camp amongst the Grizzy bear. Feeling 'at home' in the wilderness, I sought work as an international wilderness guide for 10 years, using the medium of the natural world to further empower others into healing addictions and traumas and more deeply connecting with their soul identity. I navigated by the stars, and led hundreds of 'vision quests.' I have guided on some of America’s tallest peaks and most sought after rivers. This time afforded me a profound connection the natural world, it's landscapes, animals, and elemental wisdom of inclusion. 

My formal training came through an English degree through University in Boulder where I was also trained as a Rolfer, Cranial Sacral therapist, and Anusara Yoga Instructor. I ran a successful private practice for 15 years working with professional athletes and those invested in healing and awakening through deeper body and spirit awareness. This experience gave me a depth of understanding and skill with the body as doorway to the emotional map of the soul. However, soon I realized I needed to delve deeper into the realm of consciousness to reach the causal level of the conditioning patterns that were presenting in my clients.

I chose to live and study in Zen monastery for a few years. Later I lived and studied one on one with a Tibetan Tantric Buddhist Lama. Now that I had healed a good deal of trama and more deeply embodied through my emotions, I was able to access this masculine pathway to enlightenment more directly. I began to understand the spectrum of consciousness in a way that brought integration to eastern and western aspects of psyche and spirit.

In 2009 I became pregnant with my daughter. My comfort in the wilderness led me to her extraordinary birth in a tidepool off the coast of Big Island, Hawaii. I allowed the ocean to nurture and guide me during pregnancy into the remembered way of water birth as it had been done for thousands of years. This birth inspired many women to come to Hawaii to pursue ocean birthing.

This birth was a profound initiation for me into the remembrance of the way of feminine awakening through embodiment. I was clearly given a 'map' of the way consciousness bridges from formless into form through the portals of the feminine sexual anatomy. This activated my deepest life's work in the form of teaching the feminine path of awakening through womb wisdom. 

In the pregnancy and birth of my son I directly received many ancient birthing practices refining my relationship to birth in an even more conscious and connected way. It is from this wisdom of experience that I support other women and men in unlocking their innate design for pregnancy and birthing of children, projects, or paradigms.

A decade of teaching has unified my embodied knowledge of eastern tantric practices with western trauma and shadow work. The combination enables a profound platform for guiding others into the the spectrum of consciousness that seamlessly embraces our most human and mundane with our most exalted and divine expressions.

I would love to initiate you into the adventure of your lifetime.  Are you ready to claim a life worth living?

Katherine is a facilitator of  courses, retreats and workshops worldwide. She lives on the Big Island of Hawaii in Kealakekua Bay, Place of the Gods where she hosts online courses, mentorship programs and private/group retreats in the magical vortex of Whalespirit Sanctuary.  She is a lovingly fierce catalyst for one's emergence through individuation into embodied unified consciousness. Her life is an inspiration to many who hunger for a life lived true.